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Naira People is an online coaching website where people register, choose a specific course of interest and get trained in that course they choose; ranging from Cake Baking, Hat Making, Bead Making, Perfume making, Soap Making, etc.

So the primary service of the Naira People program is to give paid skill acquisition online. You choose one major course you like to learn and get trained in that course. In case you are unemployed, you can learn any of this skill and start making money with it.

You can do Bank Deposit, ATM Transfer, Mobile Transfer, etc. to our account with the details below:

Bank: Diamond Bank
Name: Subtiliter Tutorial Concept
Number: 0102429407

You may notify us of payment by sending an email to: paid@nairapeople.com

After confirming your payment, the admin will activate your account and send you your account details into your email box.


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