This program promises a very robust affiliate payment. An affiliate is someone that tells other people about a product or service. Every registered member has an automatic affiliate account also, by this you get paid for telling other people about the online class. Below is how the affiliate login page looks like:

Access to the affiliate area will be granted after your account is activated. There are countless promotion tools for you to promote this program and start earning, like Web banners, email text, customize eBook in your name, etc.


MAKE N200, 000 toN500, 00 MONTHLY

Ok, this is a big eye opener; follow me to discover the easy way to make real money from this program monthly.

Apart from using the training you get to make money, you can sell the materials (like this one) for profit. But you even make more money by the Affiliate program.

You will be Paid N2,000 per Silver member and N4,000 per Gold member you refer to NairaPeople.


Here is the math…

If you refer as little as 50 Silver member in a month, that will be N100, 000. If you refer as small as 30 Gold members in a month, that will be N120, 000 for you. Making it a total of N220, 000 just in one month Plus Two Brand New Laptops after 90days (details shortly).

Also, if you are very zealous like me and bring about 150 people (Silver and Gold) in a month; that will give you nothing less than N500,000 in a month. It is doable with my strategy. If you want me to show you my traffic strategy, make sure you register from my affiliate link.

If you join using my link, just send me an email with your user name and I will give you my simple traffic strategy that can help you get my type of result.

Don’t bother how to get people to join this program, you will get a guide that shows you how to get over 100 people monthly.

Immediately your account is activated you will be given the step by step guide to get this result even without you talking to anybody ever. Plus my personal action plan to guide you.

My affiliate link is:



I have taken the stress to offer you this great info for free, its only wise to tell me thank you by joining from my link above. If you are not online now, just pick a pen a copy it down…

GOODNEWS: this program pays recurring income to affiliates. This means that you can make money even while you are sleeping. You can promote this program for three months stretch and stop promoting it after the 3months and get paid for life. Yes, you read the correct words; you are paid every time members under you do their renewal. Membership in is valid for 90days.

You can make money even while you are sleeping.

You can promote this program for three months stretch and stop promoting it after the 3months; you are paid every time members under you do their renewal.



As a Silver member, you get your free laptop gift when you become Director by getting 50 or more people into the online training program.

You get rewarded when you get up to 50 down-lines; this is apart from your commission above. This is just an addition gift from the Naira People Team as a way of making you more effective as an entrepreneur.

But if you are a Gold Member, you get your free latop gift when you become Director by getting 30 or more Gold members. You can actually get two laptops as a double Director. A Double director is a Gold member that brought Silver members to qualify and also Gold members to qualify also. For example, if you bring in 50 Silver members and 30 Gold members you become a DD (Double Director), this means you are both a Silver Director and also a Gold Director, which will then translate into Two Brand New Laptops instead of One Laptop.  Gold members are free to refer both Silver and Gold members.


To Sign Up For This Life Changing Program, Click Here Now


That will take you to a page that looks like below:



Scroll down and click on ‘JOIN US’

Next, you will select the membership level that sooth you


Under your membership choice click the Join Now button

That will take you to the registration form like seen below:

Fill the form appropriately your details, including your bank account details; Like Bank Name, A/C Number, A/C Name. See example: Access Bank, 9909989393, Ade Adebayo. You can use the same bank account with your family member or friend. After filling the form, click on the register button.


Note: you will see the account details to make your membership payment into above and under  the form.

After confirming your payment, the admin will activate your account and send you your account details into your email box.

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